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Snapdone Testimonials

"Here at Carney Badley Spellman we have been leveraging document assembly by using Snapdone for the past several years. This simple and elegant program not only automates the construction of multiple types of documents but also offers a measure of document management by controlling the document (and folder) naming conventions and locations. Previous versions were limited in the number of levels you could drill into, but with the release of Version 6 this year Scott Campbell (owner/author of Snapdone) has given his product true document management features usually found only in the very large and expensive DMS systems of today. For us Snapdone gives us document assembly, standardization and a nearly unlimited, full featured DMS system with a small overhead and foot print and at a fraction of the cost of those other DMS systems. For anyone in the document creation business this is a complete and total winner."

Terry Bridges, Director of Technology

Carney Badley Spellman, Seattle

"Snapdone v6 is simple to use, yet, very powerful compared to other products on the market. When I'm conducting a Snapdone training session, I can see the students quickly realize how this is going to improve their day-to-day workflow and that fuels a very lively class. The Outlook profiling feature, for example, directly addresses the 'what to do with client emails' issue, offering an easy solution for saving emails to client/matter folders. Every firm should have this product!"

Barbara Canterbury

Computer Training and Consulting

"I have worked in two law firms which use Snapdone, and I can't imagine practicing law without it. In fact, when I changed firms, one indispensible criteria of my search was finding a firm that used Snapdone! Scott is accessible and so easy to work with, and the program is intuitive and flexible. Thank you, Scott!"

Stacie Foster

Invicta Law Group, PLLC, Seattle

"Snapdone has greatly increased our efficiency in producing accurate and attractive correspondence and documents, and Scott has been a pleasure to work with, both in installing and learning about Snapdone and in resolving questions along the way. I would recommend Snapdone and Scott Campbell to law offices of any size looking for better ways to do business."

George Edensword-Breck

Law Offices of George Edensword-Breck, Seattle

"The law firm of Smith Alling Lane has used Snapdone for over 7 years. It is an incredible tool for word processing and makes navigating Word a Snap! I have not found one aspect of Snapdone cumbersome to use. I am particularly impressed with Snapdata, the caption bank and Snap numbering."

Sydney Lujan, Legal Assistant

Smith Alling Lane, Tacoma

"Snapdone saved my life when the time came to change from WordPerfect to Word. The numbering system that allows you to avoid Word's automatic bullets and numbering and its accompanying style settings is invaluable. This is a very inexpensive document management program, with a great data system, that also simplifies Word and makes it friendlier for use in word processing. I have had to learn how to use Word in all its variations, but still use Snapdone's alternatives whenever possible."

Linda Carrick, Paralegal

Smith McKenzie Rothwell & Barlow, Seattle

"Our firm has used the Snapdone system as our sole word processing program since the inception of our firm (July 1992), and have found it to be incredibly useful and we continue to discover parts of the comprehensive program almost every day that help us manage heavy workload as legal secretaries. The Snapdata component (database of client contacts) is so much more useful and user-friendly than that contained in Outlook. And the Snapclips component contained therein enable one to do a letter, fax, or email to a service list in a snap! The Snapcaptions allow us to create, edit and store the many different captions for our hundreds of cases. Snapdone also contains formatting for letters, envelopes, labels, memos, fax cover sheets, and more so that you do not have to do any "formatting" yourself and can just literally sit down and type. One very essential part of Snapdone is the customer support which is excellent in terms of content and turnaround time; we have never had to wait to have questions answered or problems solved. Our firm would give Snapdone an A+ all around!"

Carol Hartung, Office Administrator

Bush, Strout & Kornfeld, Seattle

"Once I started to use Snap and figured out the main operations of the organization and utility of making forms, saving documents, and creating pleadings, I have been able to operate a solo law practice with the efficiency of two staff members. Snap is really easy to use, easy to understand, and it really helps me keep my files, documents, pleadings, and most importantly my forms in order and ready for use, day in and day out."

Soloman Kim

Law Office of Soloman Kim, P.S., Bellevue

"We have been using Snapdone since April 2005 and despite a few growing pains with using a new software, we find it very easy to use. When it comes to our firm wide contact listing, we're using Snapdone in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook. This has created a few additional challenges for Scott as it requires the two programs to 'talk' to each other. Scott has been committed to making the necessary Snapdone program changes and has been by our side the entire way making sure this worked according to our needs. I couldn't ask for someone better to work with."

Gil Price, Executive Director

Barker Martin, PS, Seattle

"I have a hard time imagining life without Snapdone as I have been using it since the good old days of DOS. The program is intuitive, and really facilitates all cases, large and small, especially those with multiple parties. You can't ask for a nicer, more knowledgeable or responsive service provider than Scott."

Linda Erickson, Legal Assistant

Thomas M. Keller, P.S., Seattle

"My firm has been a very satisfied Snapdone customer for over 15 years. Snapdone is easy to use, and Scott Campbell is exceedingly knowledgeable and accommodating. We have recommended Snapdone to other law firms many times, and will continue to do so."

Thomas M. Keller

Thomas M. Keller, P.S., Seattle

"I have known Scott Campbell since 2001 when I first needed help with setting up macros and templates for Microsoft's Word. I had heard about Scott and his system, and called him for help. Within in a day, he came to my office and created everything I needed for my word processing use with Word. He was knowledgeable, kind, patient, and extremely helpful. Since then, I have asked him to come back on several occasions, and he has always been very responsive, sometimes coming to my office within hours to deal with whatever particular problem I seemed to be having. If there was something that I needed immediately, he would spend the necessary time and energy over the telephone helping me through the problem. As a result, I have nothing but great things to say about Scott, and highly recommend him to anyone in need of macros, templates, and other services involving the use of Word."

Thom De Buys

Law Office of Thomas H. De Buys, Seattle

"Everyone in our 35-person office uses Snapdone everyday, and we could not do what we do as efficiently without Snapdone. We love it! We use Snapdone as our primary document management system as well as automating our forms, letters, pleadings, captions and organizing our contacts. After using Snapdone for many years, it would be difficult for us to do without it. I have talked with many Legal Assistants who have gone to offices that did not use Snapdone, and they have been lobbying their technical staff to purchase it."

Shelley Meyer, Legal Assistant

Yarmuth Wilsdon Calfo PLLC, Seattle

"We were introduced to Snapdone at the time that our firm changed from using WordPerfect to Word. The result was that it made the transition easier, less stressful and less daunting because Snap proved to be user friendly, comprehensive and it performed flawlessly. It gave our attorneys confidence that their work product was going to be managed. Everyone in our office loves using Snapdone. Plus Scott Campbell offers exemplary customer service. I have never experienced anything like it - he is very attentive and responsive. I could not imagine doing what we do without Snapdone."

Deb Lovelett, Administrator

Skellenger Bender, P.S., Seattle

"I wanted to let you know how much I have been enjoying your Snapdone software. I am in the later stages of my practice at the age of 64. For most of it, I had secretarial help who prepared all documents for my signature. When I heard about Snapdone, I purchased it in order to make my assistants more efficient. I tinkered with it a little and was impressed by how easy it was to use and how efficiently it stored information to save steps. I also liked the way the documents get named and organized for quick retrieval.

"In March, I let my last employee go. While I could always type, I was intimidated by formatting letters and most particularly formatting pleadings. With the help of Snapdone, I am delighted with how I can now be totally self-sufficient in preparing and storing documents. I also like the way I avoid repetitious tasks like typing addresses and case headings. I am sure I am just scratching the surface of what the program will do, but it makes my life far better than what it was before."

Hal Hodgins

Law Office of Hal Hodgins, Gig Harbor

"To our surprise, our transition was not slow and steady but virtually immediate. Your system is intuitive for someone like myself who is not computer savvy, and easy to learn and navigate."

Jeff H. Yusen

Yusen & Friedrich, Seattle